1. Autism-What it is…


Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder present from early childhood which is characterized by great difficulty in
1. Communicating
2. Forming relationships with other people and
3. In using language and abstract concepts.

Autism is a spectrum (like a rainbow from one end to other) as no two people are the same. Autism may be mild, moderate or severe. It necessarily does not impair cognition as many on the spectrum are extremely intelligent. They understand a lot, it is just that their impaired expression may make them behave in a manner which is not as per the defined acceptable social norms.

Early intervention (mostly in the form of therapies) can help overcome the condition to a great extent for many to lead somewhat independent lives.

The cause of autism in still under study and remains unknown.

Some successful people believed to be on the spectrum – Mozart, Einstein and Bill Gates.


A person with autism may display any of the following

  1. Limited or no speech and language.
  2. Difficulty initiating and maintaining a conversation.
  3. Difficulty in organizing or expressing needs which may come out as meltdowns or tantrums.
  4. Lack or limited interest in other people.
  5. Anxiety or inappropriate processing of the body senses (we all have seven senses like taste, smell etc) which results in inappropriate behavior temperament. These could be spinning, rocking, finger/hand flapping, hitting oneself, mouthing object,  jumping, running or moving around , toe walking, shouting, self talking to name a few.
  6. Have difficulty interpreting gestures and facial cues like smile.
  7. Dislike certain textures.
  8. Disturbed by loud noise.
  9. Find it difficult to wait for turn or share things.

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