2. Autism acceptance

How you can make a difference

My request to you

•       Please don’t stare when I am displaying any odd behavior (which may happen due to anxiety or sensory dysfunction).

•       Try to include me into typical development by greeting me, interacting with me, playing with me, inviting on occasions because that is how I will learn.

•       Give me instructions slowly and in a simple way.

•       Please don’t be scared of me as I am not scary. Instead I am more fearful and I too have emotions, thinking and feelings.

•       Help me lead a normal life by including me in all spheres of society.

•       If you exclude me I will become a liability as the world has more than 21.7 million people like me (statistics as on 2013).

•       We work effortlessly to understand your world. Wouldn’t you be so kind enough just to try to understand me and accept me the way I am? I don’t inculcate negative thoughts nor am I dishonest. I am just the way I am – pure and simple.

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