6. Numbers

How I learnt counting

There are multiple ways to teach value counting. We used both real life and academic way simultaneously for counting.

Learning counting may take some time as it is a multi stage process. So we had to be patient.

  1. First we taught rote counting (1, 2, 3, 4 and so on).
  2. Then we took simple worksheets from worksheetfun.com. I also made worksheets myself on Word document on the same pattern as getting counting sheets with less objects was slightly difficult. We taught counting with full prompt (where I would count and he would repeat after I counted each single object). I would make him touch or point to each object on the sheet chronologically and do counting. He pointed first object and said 1 then second object and said 2 and so on and stopped at the final object.
  3. When he got a hang of counting, initially he did not know where to stop and kept counting even after object had finished but later with practise and little help from our side stopped when the objects had finished.
  4. In the box he would write the number (as he could write numbers by then). If child cannot write then he has to say verbally but we found effect of writing numbers helped us.
  5. Now he has moved to notebook and does counting.
  6. Also we kept in mind to start with less number of objects (not beyond 5 objects and for any child if that is also a problem it is better to keep up to 3 or 4). Later as the child understands we have to increase the number of objects in stages. We used to increase by 2 or 3 objects. Also concentration is utmost important in this skill. So we tried to ensure that he did not get distracted. If needed one may use count and match worksheets to guide the child initially (though we did not have to use this).

Simultaneously we taught him in real life too as eventually he had to learn to count that way too. The process remained the same as above where he would take the real object (each puzzle piece) in hand and count.

I am thankful to my speech language pathologist who initated counting in real life through his favourite play – puzzles. So in order to make him speak she would give puzzles as re enforcer where she taught him counting, more language and sequence too. Puzzles have helped us to develop multiple skills. Similarly we use all his favourite things to develop multiple skills. We also used biscuits, chocolates and other edible items to teach him counting.

When he asks for these I try to add more speech to it or make him count the biscuits, chips, chakli etc to ensure he gets it right. Right now we are at a stage where I ask him how many biscuits he wants and he picks up a random number (earlier he would start rote counting but now he says a number). When he takes the biscuits I ensure he has counted and taken the correct number he has specified (he needs help here).

Sharing the worksheets and notebook style used.

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