3. All About Me


My name is Srish .I am a cheerful, smart and somewhat mischievous young boy who has an intelligent and  sharp mind of his own. And I also have Autism.

I love most of the things any other kid does. I love chocolates, ice cream and fried food.  You will find me taking names of food many times. I love to go to various places (malls, park, long distance holidays, aeroplane, and train to name a few). I love playing specially puzzles, vehicles and ball.

I cycle, skate, swim; make bracelets and necklace (with slight help from mummy). I can help my mamma in many household chores. I verbally communicate basic daily needs. I want to be with children but do not know how to approach them.

I love my mamma, papa and grandpa. I love to go to school in my school bus.

I am anxious or excited so sometimes I run or move around to stimulate my senses.  I find it difficult to wait all the time or may be scared of unknown things/places /people so I may have a few outbursts or flap my hands.  I find it difficult to process some environmental sounds so I make a screeching noise with my mouth.

I am still not aware of all dangers. I do not display negative qualities intentionally so please do not judge me instead teach me or have a word with my mother.

Though I speak less I understand a lot. Negative words hurt me too. I am learning many new things so I still need help. Your guidance can help me be the man that makes every mother proud.

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