My Beautiful World

The idea behind the website – My Beautiful World

This website is dedicated to all those angels who are God’s own children. Our son Srish Bhowal inspired us to pen down what we have learnt together in our journey since he was diagnosed with autism few years back. It has been a journey with its ups and downs and a one with immense learning for us.

Through this website we have shared what we would like the world to know on autism. This also serves as a platform for parents with children on the autism spectrum to imbibe handling techniques for their children. These are techniques we have followed under guidance of qualified professionals. We would be happy if it serves as guidance or in giving strength to those many parents who may need it.  Most of all it tells the world how much our children work day and night, tirelessly to integrate and be accepted in society.

This page would be incomplete if we forget to thank all the people who have touched our lives in any form. You have given us the strength and courage to move on and see a brighter future for our son. The list is long but do remember if you have been our friend, our well wisher and our son’s mentor at any point of time your name is surely there silently mentioned in our hearts.

We thank you for taking the time to go through this page. You will find many more links and pages on our website which will give you an array of learning on autism and its intervention.

Barnana and Simanta

Life of a special one